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Sunday, March 23, 2008

FanBox is a SCAM!

I received yet another "question" from a member on Fanbox. So, I search Google for: fanbox spam. At the time of this writing, one of my blogs about SPAMbox is #4 on the list, but I've found a lot of seeding by them.

For example, take the posting they’ve done on the Office Tweaks blog. There is a comment there by a guy named “TJ Brown” that is an obvious seed for Fanbox.

I love FanBox! They have so many cool applications and features on their desktop! Their social network aspect rivals even MySpace and Facebook! I looked up the old stuff on, and who cares? It wasn’t even a big deal and they have since discontinued offering sms service. So stop crying and give the site a chance.

- TJ

Sounds like he’s trying to sell me a used Pinto. Fanbox is SPAM. Fanbox is a scam. Every message I receive, I mark it as SPAM.

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