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Sunday, February 25, 2007

What did Paris Hilton get for her birthday?

Paris is getting a Birthday Present from Gadget UniverseOriginal blog posted on The Gadget Panel

One of the presents Paris Hilton received for her birthday this year is pictured here. Can you spot it?

Read on to get a few more hints... I'm standing around at the GBK Oscar celebrity gift event when Kathy and Rick Hilton come into the room. It was a pleasure to spend a few minutes with them, showing them some of the coolest gadgets and innovations on the market. As I'm talking to Rick about the various gadgets and gizmos available on the market, Kathy comes over and points to one of the coolest digital recording devices in the world: The 1GB Digital Voice Recorder from Gadget Universe.

Of course, they love all of the cool tools available through the Gadget Universe catalog, but the Digital Voice Recorder is just the right item for Mr. Hilton's busy schedule. The real estate mogul is always on the go with his fast paced life. His mind is always full of brilliant ideas, and he often finds himself without the utilities necessary to capture them. No pen, no paper... and the idea can be lost.

As soon as Rick picked up the 1GB Voice Recorder available through Gadget Universe, he was hooked! Of course, it was Mrs. Hilton who spotted it first. She really does have a keen eye for great products :-D The features Rick likes about the 1GB Voice Recorder are that you can record 25 hours of high quality audio without having to move any files to your computer, easy USB file transfer to your laptop of desktop, one button recording, and pause and restart recording in the same file with just a single button! Pretty cool for someone as busy as he is.

Kathy Hilton tries on a SteinhausenI really must add that Mr. Hilton was very appreciative for receiving this gift from Gadget Universe, compliments of Alexander Innovation Wizard. I never know what to expect when meeting high profile people like the Hiltons. So, I was incredibly happy when I realized how nice both Kathy and Rick really are. They are the most delightful people I can possibly imagine. They listened intently to everything I had to say about the world of gadgets in front of them and were genuinely interested in the value of each of the products. I'll write more about the products that they enjoyed, including the Steinhausen Marquise, available through SkyMall, the world famous Gravity Defyer Shoes, and the iPlatform.

Have you spotted Paris Hilton's birthday gift from Gadget Universe? It's almost impossible to notice and that's the beauty of the product! And, as her parents said, its perfect given the amount of paparazzi she encounters while driving. I'll write about the product in my next blog.

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