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Sunday, February 25, 2007

More windDOZE Follies

Apparently, the last Windoze update has a time bomb in it. After a certain period of time, certain features no longer continue to function. The most noticeable is gaining a network connection after my laptop has been on hibernate. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a huge Microsoft fan (Windows is a Piece of Work, Cursed Windoze, A Depressing Day in Blogging, I’ve sold my soul to the devil, Windows Mobile or PC Therapy?). The only real benefit to Microsoft products is that it gives me something blog about :-D

It used to be that I could just hibernate my laptop by closing the lid, come back later, open the laptop, and it would connect right to my wireless (or wired) network automatically. This was a useful feature of Windoze, you know… working! Well, the latest updates have apparently give me some new features such are not connecting to ANY network after hibernate, not being able to shutdown, and even slower performance for all Internet related apps!

I suppose that I could spend time on the phone with MS support to figure out what’s going on. Or I could spend hours searching for solutions on the KB… Wait!!! Another update! Mayhaps that will fix the problem!

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