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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hot new Transfomers Bodies need to match Megan Fox

Transformers - BumblebeeI was browsing the Autoblog and suddenly!!!

Transformers Update: Hasbro gives best looks yet at Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

Bumblebee looks pretty cool, eh? Although, I’m not sure if I agree with him no longer being a Volkswagen Beetle. That was part of the charm of Bumblebee. He was this dinky little VW beetle. Oh well, he still looks pretty cool, if you ask me, since he's a Camaro now (my first car).
Now, checkout the new Optimus!

Transformers -  Optimus PrimeTransformers -  Optimus PrimeTransformers -  Optimus Prime

Let’s see how things turn out in the movie! From what I've seen in the previews, the Autobots look really cool but the Decepticons don't look much like the classic 80s cartoon. However, it is pretty obvious that the look of the Autobots needed an update when they signed Megan Fox to the film.

1 comment:

The El Man said...

Ah man I cant wait for this film. There are a load of Megan Fox pics here. She so hot its unbelieveable. Hopefully Michael Bay wont ruin it and just concentrate on her looking hot! :)