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Friday, December 22, 2006

Gadget Universe Innovates Online Advertising for the Catalog Industry

Sylmar, CA - Gadget Universe became the first major innovation catalog to offer up its email deals via Real Simple Syndication (RSS). Continuing a trend of innovative marketing ideas, Gadget Universe now offers the Gadget Alert Newsletter free to anyone with a news feed reader. Users have the ability to add the Gadget Alert Newsletter to their Google, Yahoo, or MSN homepages as well as any news reader web service.

The Gadget Alert Newsletter offers discounts on products, free shipping, and other specials previously available only to email subscribers. Utilizing RSS to promote specials and deals to Gadget Universe visitors puts GU at the forefront of innovative advertising. Since RSS delivers content directly to the browsers and newsreaders of subscribers, it offers similar functionality to email delivered specials. However, no personal information is required to be submitted by the visitor in order to receive the feed. There are no worries about spam from Gadget Universe, as the browser now has complete control over the feed.

The feed is available directly from the Gadget Universe website and also through the feed service.

My two cents...
I'm very excited about the latest release from Gadget Universe. This is truly innovative marketing technique that has been lacking from the catalog industry. Yes, companies have been delivering specials announcements and deals via RSS for a while. However, Gadget Universe is the first major catalog company to take their email specials and make them available via a news feeds, readily available to any browser; without having to divulge any personal information.

This will transform the catalog industry. I'm going to dare to say that catalog giants like Sharper Image, Brookstone, Hammacher Schlemmer, and First Street will all follow the lead of Gadget Universe is offering syndication of their online promotions before the end of 2007.

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