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Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Christmas Gift for Everyone

I gave my Christmas shopping a lot of consideration this year. I also braved the crowds of the Topanga Shopping Mall in Woodland Hills, CA. 30 minutes waiting in a parking structure might drive many insane, but I kept reminding myself that I was doing all of this for the people I love.

Satellite UFO Radio-Controlled Flying SaucerI enjoyed the response my presents cause for those who received them. My nephew loved his digital drum set I got him but not as much as his mom :-D. My brother loved the UFO I got him. Those things are wickedly cool. I charged it before I brought it over for Christmas so that it was fresh and ready to go right out of the box. Everyone loved all the different items I gave this holiday weekend.

Pull-to-Charge LED Forever Flashlight

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the response I received from my sister about the Pull-to-Charge LED Forever Flashlight from Gadget Universe. It really is a simple product. Last year, I got everyone in my family a Forever Flashlight from Gadget Universe. This is a similar item but much better. In my opinion, the Pull-to-Charge LED Forver Flashlight is truly an innovative twist on the battery free flashlight.

A flashlight without batteries. What's so impressive about that? The feature that impressed me AND my sister was the power adapters that come with the flashlight. On the bottom of the flashlight, there is an input for a power outlet. Yes, a power outlet. My sister's cell phone was dead. She had forgotten to charge the phone before she left, and she didn't have a charger in her car. I was joking about it charging her cell phone. After all, I didn't think it was going to fit her phone. But it did.

Next thing you know, she's pulling the string a couple of times and her cell phone is charging. Her phone charged for 20 minutes on the Flashlight. Her phone is the typical cell phone flip top. I think an LG or a Motorola. I don't remember. I ordered more from GU to give to other people in my life. Not only do they get a powerful flashlight but a portable charger. Now, if I can only find one that is powered by a hamster wheel, I'd be set for life!

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